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Remove those Ugly Little Facial Veins!

Small vein removal is sometimes referred to capillary cauterization. Sometimes capillaries become dilated and blood pools in the area. These are usually red lines, dots, or spiders. Although not painful, they can be unsightly and are not healthy circulation.

To repair these, the capillaries are cauterized. This is a simple procedure done by a registered nurse with an electrolysis machine just as a doctor would have done it in the old days. Afterwards, the area will re-grow normal size capillaries which are no longer visible. It is fast and painless and does not usually need to be redone.

Some causes of dilated capillaries are: sun exposure, exposure to cold, trauma to the skin, heredity, spicy foods, harsh products or skin treatment.

Before treatment it is recommended to stop aspirin intake (with your physician's permission).

After treatment there are very small scabs that you can feel but cannot see. The area should cleansed gently with cold water flushing, allowing the scab to fall off naturally. Not everyone forms scabs and healing time varies greatly from individual to individual. Do not touch the area and avoid use of makeup for 24 hours. Also, an adequate intake of vitamin C strengthens blood vessels.



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