Introducing a New Hair Removal Method That Works, Permanently!
Hair removal can easily be achieved by shaving, tweezing and waxing. But these methods don't permanently remove the hair and often they will cause problems when hair returns. Examples include stronger, thicker, blacker hair, ingrown hairs, and even skin discoloration. Permanent hair removal is not easily achieved. That’s why Lasertrolysis™ is so important.
You can now achieve permanent hair removal. Introducing Lasertrolysis™. With over twenty-two years of expertise in electrolysis, I saw the relationship between laser hair removal and electrolysis. That is when I created Lasertrolysis™.
      This formula combines laser hair removal with electrolysis to equal permanent hair removal. While both technologies are very effective in providing permanent results, the laser technology cannot “see” the red, white or fine hairs. This is where electrolysis comes in—todisable the hairs that cannot be treated by laser.
The best-kept beauty secret could be electrolysis. Many models, successfulactors and others owe their smooth, hair-free skin to the skill of an electrologist. At Laser Plus, we employ five electrologists in-house. This procedure is not costly and does not hurt. We also provide the utmost discretion with all our services because we respect your need for privacy.

      Effective electrolysis means that the probe is not felt when inserted. The hair comes out easily and comfortably without the “feel” of tweezing. After a few treatments, the hair comes in softer and less noticeable. After several treatments the hair does not growback, leaving the individual with smooth, hair-free skin.
Laser Hair Removal
Everyone is talking about laser hair removal because it works. The laser conducts heat energy to target the melanin, or color pigmentation in a hair follicle. This energy travels down the hair shaft towards the papillae, or base of the hair shaft, where it permanently disables any follicles that are in the anagen growth phase, or “actively” growing. Once a hair follicle is disabled at the base, it will not grow a new hair. At Laser Plus, we have several different types of laser technology.
      The “light sheer” laser is very effective on lighter skin tones and the “cool glide” is better for individuals with darker skin tones. Most clients will need several treatments in order to complete the process. Laser is very good for larger areas, for example: the back, legs, and bikini area because the laser does 50 hairs to one hair of electrolysis.
      The laser weakens the hairs, thus making it easier for the electrologist to“kill” the left over hair. There is no “silver bullet,” no magic potion. Permanent hair removal can only be achieved through the process of a series of treatments that combine laser hair removal and electrolysis: Lasertrolysis™ (trademark pending).

What our clients are saying!
My time with Laser Plus has been just amazing. Patricia and her staff were very professional, helpful and discreet! I can not wait until next summer when I do not have to be self-conscious of my unwanted hair.
                               — S.K., Ashburn, VA