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  Dear Laser Plus,

First I wanted to thank you for your wonderful consultation. I was having trouble convincing my mom that the treatments were safe and I really wanted my out of control bikini line fixed. Mom has had skin allergies since she was little. She sort of thinks she is the skin expert what with all her years of visiting doctors. You answered all her questions down to the littlest detail.

I have had a couple of laser treatments. I can't tell you how great it is to be on the beach with my friends. No more trying to find bathing suits with skirts or shorts or trying to always keep my legs together to hide either the hair or the bumps.

Thank you a million times,

EW - Falls Church , VA

Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I'm very satisfied with my session I had on Jan. 5th. After two weeks well over 70%, if not more, of the hair on the treated area is gone and I've had very little re-growth. I'm looking forward to my return visit on Feb. 16th to continue my treatment. Thank you very much.

Your very satisfied customer,

Dear Pat,

I just had electrolysis with Karen last week to do the hairs that were left after my 3 laser treatments. These hairs were too fine for laser. I really like the fact that you do electrolysis after laser treatments.

I am a very satisfied customer. I am happy with all of your services. Everyone is friendly and caring.

Thank you,

V.T. - Great Falls

Dear Pat,

I cannot put off any longer writing to thank you for the miraculous service you have performed on my chin and upper lip. In a matter of four short months you have managed to clear up what three other electrologists worked on for a period of four years, with no success.

Had I known in the beginning what I know now, I would have left the services of the first person who worked on my chin and lip after the first session. She used the depilitron method and in my ignorance I saw the hair on my upper lip develop from downy fuzz with one long hair to a forest of dark, stiff hairs an inch and longer in length as the treatments continued. Since that time I have required regular bi-weekly treatments just to be able to go out in public without embarrassment.

I knew the first time that you worked on my face that your skill was far superior to other electrologists. I have seen. Your touch is so skilled that there is virtually no discomfort during treatment. I would have never in a million years have thought that I could endure thirty minutes of treatment, but with you thirty minutes is "no sweat". I am more appreciative than I can say. Although my visits with you are clearly going to be coming farther and farther apart, I want you to know how very much I appreciate your professionalism and your skill. I would be most happy to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you.

Yours truly,

C.T. - Reston

Dear Patricia,

I am so pleased with the results of the permanent makeup eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner work that you have done for me.

The results are natural and beautiful. I am especially pleased with the precision and care you take with your work.

Ruby's electrolysis work is so careful and effective, too. Getting ready to go out is so quick and easy now!

You and your staff are always professional and friendly. Thanks so much for your terrific work.

Very truly yours,

S.H. - McLean

I have tried everything to get rid of my stubborn hair. I have shaved, waxed and tried a wide range of depilation creams, but they all needed to be redone constantly.

I have always been afraid about electrolysis up to now, but have changed my mind when I discovered the Apilus technique. I have started the treatment on my underarm. I didn't feel any pain and the results were so impressive that I have decided to have my eyebrows and bikini line done a well.

I was so surprised by the economical cost of the treatment. Being an active woman, I strongly recommend the Apilus technology. It will give great satisfaction.

Mary Anne D. - Annandale

Dear Laser Plus,

I am very happy and satisfied with the electrolysis treatments Kathy has provided. Her cheerfulness, professionalism, and willingness to address my concerns make it very worthwhile for me to pursue treatment. I also had the pleasure of being treated once by Grace, and she was just great.

I am beginning to feel better about my appearance and my family has noticed it.

I hope that you will acknowledge these wonderful women for their kindness and professionalism.

Mrs. T.Y. - Annandale

Dear Pat,

I owe Laser Plus so much for not only helping my appearance, but for helping my self-esteem.

Your staffer, Rose, is an angel. She made me feel comfortable and helped me regain confidence. My self-esteem has definitely improved.

I only wish more people knew about this treatment. I feel bad for women with major facial hair, who feel like they have to live with it. There is a better solution. The answer is Laser Plus!

No Name Please - Sterling

I thought my face was hopeless until I came to Laser Plus. I am very pleased.

Phyllis E. - Sterling

I'm new to electrolysis.but I'm so happy with the results that I wish I'd done this years ago. No more procrastination!

D.O.L. - Chantilly

I am of Italian descent and have always had a problem with hair growth. I have been coming to Patricia for several years now and I owe it to her skill that my problem is now under control.


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